A lot of you forgot why we bought into btc in the first place

Let‘s remind ourselves here why we bought btc in the first place: a censorship resistant and permissionless system where no fucking institution tells me with whom I am allowed to transact with. This is an investment that bets against a repressive system built and maintained by corrupt governments and corporations that serve their own needs. If you still haven‘t grasped this then please sell all your coins and GTFO.

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I forgot what wallet is connected to an address. Is there anyway to figure out at least what wallet i used ?

I had to put in an address on a site in case of returns or what not. i use multiple wallets since i have multiple accounts. One of my first accounts received a return and i can not figure out what wallet i used. It is a web wallet which i have narrowed down to three possible sites. I found the address that the money was sent to but is there anyway to figure out what wallet just by using the address attached to the account? i have the public,private, and encrypted keys to each of the 3 wallets that i use. is there anyway to find it using one of those keys? ( no i am not dumb enough to give my private key to anyone)

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