PR: EtherZero — a Revolutionary Ethereum Hard Fork, Forking on 19th Jan 2018 (

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Although there are many bitcoin fork outside, there are only few Ethereum fork on the way. The two already announced Ethereum fork had some trouble with its fork height and changes…


"We're here because we believe in Bitcoin and it's potential to enable and transform mankind" – We can't stop the industry from forking off. All we can do is to make sure as many people as possible stay true to the core principles & realize how doomed


The problem with forking and creating two coins

A brief note.

BU people seem to have this idea that if they split off, then the "Core" coin will crash to the ground and the new forked coin will increase in value.

However, if two coins are made, everyone loses. Our bitcoins, that are increasing in value and that will increase further if SegWit activates, will lose lots and lots of value. Don't ruin it for everyone. We're almost at an ATH — let's work through this safely and bust through to $ 2000 and beyond, together.

That is all.

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How do you make a coin resistant to soft forking?

Soft forks are probably worse than hard forks, since it is hard for a client to reject a soft fork (indeed, that is the point of soft forks). The only way to do so is either to gain 51% of the hash power, or to do a hard fork rejecting it.

How can you make an altcoin resilient to soft forking (or only allow certain types of soft forks)? I think doing this is in general might be impossible, but making it harder would be good. Having no soft fork policy built into the coins philosophy would help, but probably isn’t good enough.

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