These Tiny “Crypto-Anchors” From IBM Could Help Fight Product Fraud (

Each year, IBM showcases “5 in 5” technologies coming out of IBM Research’s global labs — five technologies that the company expects to fundamentally reshape business and society in the next five years.This year, a “5 in 5 at a Science Slam” was held at Think 2018 in Las Vegas. One of the 5 in 5 breakthrough technologies presented…


Chicago trader is accused of stealing $2 million in cryptocurrency in city's first bitcoin fraud case

Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise — and a fair amount of volatility — in the last year as its popularity became more mainstream and the price of a single bitcoin surged from about $ 1,000 in early 2017 to around $ 15,000 at year's end. The price now stands around $ 10,000. Litecoin is valued at about $ 220.
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University College London Fights CV Fraud via Bitcoin Verification (

Imagine getting treated by a doctor with a fake diploma, or losing a job to another candidate who faked his resume. Unfortunately, such cases are all too prevalent these days in various parts of the world where proper documentation verification is too cumbersome or too costly. However, bitcoin might provide the answer to making sure this reality is preventable in the future.
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Federal regulators file fraud charges against three bitcoin operators

Following an already rough month for bitcoin, three U.S. virtual currency operators have been charged with fraud by the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The CFTC alleges that CabbageTech, Entrepreneurs Headquarters Ltd., and one unnamed bitcoin operator have …
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JP Morgan Jamie Dimon Regrets his ”Bitcoin Is a Fraud” Statement (

Jamie Dimon, chair of JP Morgan Chase, was once again asked about his thoughts on bitcoin. In a wide-ranging interview on FOX Business, Mr. Dimon was given a few of his notable quotes back to him, and asked to assess his present feelings. It appears he’s softened a little on the the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, after once referring to it as “a fraud.”
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