Fred Ehrsam from Coinbase commenting on Ethereum vs Bitcoin

An AMA that he did on the Ethereum reddit. His comments regarding scalability and security are very interesting:

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One major existential risk is what I described in my blog post a while back: It’s possible that it's better to keep the base transaction layer dumb for scaling reasons (i.e. Bitcoin) with advanced logic in higher layers. The reason so many amazing things are happening in Ethereum right now is it gives you the base transaction/store of value layer and the advanced scripting layer in one out of the box, so it's way easier to build dapps in Ethereum right now. But maybe those things are better separated long term.

Second would be that Ethereum has a serious security issue as it is (correctly so) in move fast and break things mode which is unrecoverable. I am OK with this risk though: don't put in more money than you are willing to lose, and whatever the issue is can likely be resolved, new version of the network spins up a month or two later.

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