Debt free! Thank you Bitcoin!

This year has been a rollercoaster for me and my introduction to Bitcoin. I started to invest around $ 1000 by January and today I’m selling to make myself and my wife debt free.

We have during this time endured very hard times and also emotionally wrecked when we found out that we were not able to conceive birth to a child the natural way. So we had to go and try at a fertility clinic and those expenses are of the roof! We collected during this period a substantial amount of debt and always had in mind that I could sell my share of coins, as my wife constantly made me aware of, but I always wanted to wait.

And this moment is why!

We now have a beautiful baby boy and thanks to Bitcoin he can start to grow up in a debt free home. The feeling of this is indescribable, a massive weight is of our shoulders.

I just want to thank everybody at this forum and around the world for constantly update what is happening and what you think will happen to Bitcoin in the future. You convinced me I did the right choice. To HODL!

Best wishes to you all!

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