Everyone needs to calm the fuck down.

The level of vitriol in this subreddit has gotten as bad as r/btc. Almost the entire front page is now filled with fud, conspiracy theories, and ad-hominem attacks.

I get that people are not super thrilled about segwit2x. I am not a huge fan of it either, but I am also not interested in seeing a chain split. The level of recourse has devolved to the point it can't even be called a debate anymore, it is just children throwing shit at eachother; and I emphasise the word children.

It has gotten to the point where we are now doing more damage to the ecosystem than if we just let segwit2x go forward. The 2x proposal is probably not optimal but it is also not going to lead directly to $ 20,000 nodes run by 3 people, so stop pretending it does. That's the kind of bullshit reasoning that passes for discussion in r/btc. We are supposed to be better than that.

Stop it, just fucking stop.

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