Farewell from the Pineapple Fund

Hi everyone,

It's been five months, and having just made my donation to the Internet Archive, I figure it might be a good time to write a farewell post.

I just want to thank everyone for supporting this project. Thank you for all the charity suggestions, many of which were funded. Thank you for all the positive messages and love sent my way. And also, thank you, the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community, for turning a Sourceforge project into a $ 0.5T industry.

I kind of miss the old times when bitcoin was a small community, and you could count the number of 'altcoins' with one hand. Finding someone else who even knows about bitcoin was incredibly rare, and exchanges were semi-automated or running on PHP.

Every development since then makes Bitcoin stronger and better at solving the problems of the existing financial system. It's created a new generation of crypto early adopters, cypherpunks or technologists using cryptography to change the world; and now having the power and responsibility of capital.

5104 BTC was turned into $ 55 million for charities, from providing clean water to clinical trials of MDMA as treatment for PTSD.

Thanks for following along with this experiment. I'm going to say goodbye now, but maybe there's room for dessert in a few years.

If you're ever blessed with crypto fortune, consider supporting what you aspire our world to be. 🙂

♥, Pine

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