St. Louis Fed predicts a rapid transition from cash to cryptos: “In the near future, a close cash substitute will be developed that will rapidly drive out cash as a means of payment. A contender is Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency”

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

A Glimpse Into The Future – What Happens When There Are No More Bitcoin To Mine?

Bitcoin's (BTC) blockchain hit a unique milestone in April as the 17 millionth BTC was mined. If you're wondering why this number is significant, it's because there are only four mln tokens left to mine before the 21 mln BTC cap is reached. However, the truth is that most people alive today are unlikely to …
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After Nasdaq CEO Blesses Cryptocurrency, Investors See Bigger Future For Bitcoin, Others

Forget the fact that Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies all fell on Wednesday. This is a legit market. And Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq, reminded everyone of that again today during an interview on CNBC. Bitcoin and other coins are more than a new reality, a new market trend. They are new …
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