I Gave People In The Office Some Bitcoin

So over the last few weeks I have given about 15 people in my office some BTC. All on paper wallets, laminated. Told them that there is a couple bucks worth of BTC on each wallet. I told them to put it somewhere safe and one day, when the time is right to them, pull it out and use it. Some looked at me like I am nuts, some thanked me, some have been asking me questions everyday since. Some have asked me how to get the money off, I tell them "you have to figure it out for yourself" every time I get a question I tell them to try to learn how to answer it themselves. It's been fun.

It has certainly gotten 15 new people intrigued, started a lot of conversation and two of them have gone down the rabbit hole hard, one sending me links at 11:30 pm on Sat night "Check this out" with a link. I love it.

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This week security experts found a website glitch on the e-commerce marketplace Overstock that let customers purchase items for a fraction of the price. The reason users were getting such huge discounts is because the system was accidentally allowing bitcoin cash (BCH) purchases in place of items priced in bitcoin core (BTC).
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