PSA: You can and should move your coins off of Coinbase for free via GDAX

If you have any coin on Coinbase and you are not planning to sell it in the near future, it is highly recommended you move it offline to your own wallet. If you don’t own a wallet, look at the Ledger Nano S or Trezor, they aren’t free but their price is cheap for the security and peace of mind.

Once you have a hardware wallet or a means of holding your own keys, open an account at GDAX. It’s owned by Coinbase and the application process is exactly the same. When your account is verified, transfer your Coinbase to GDAX using GDAX’s interface. From GDAX you can transfer them to your wallet’s address for free.

I used to keep my coins on Coinbase primarily to see day-to-day account balances, but there are plenty of free apps that can do the same thing. I now use Blockfolio.

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GDAX has now kept over $10,000 worth of my BTC hostage from me for a MONTH.

Reddit please upvote for visibility. The BTC that I deposited into GDAX on 11/30 has still yet to be credited to my account (tx has over 4000 confirmations). This is after having no issues with gdax for years.

After calling, emailing, and receiving only template responses at best from Coinbase, I’m at a loss for what to do.

If you’re considering trading, please for your own sake check out alternatives. I’m not saying Coinbase is a fraud, I’m just saying they’re spread too thin in case you actually do need to get in touch with their staff. I’ve personally moved all btc to fiat and fiat to btc to Gemini.

edit: case ID 2652513 relevant blockcypher of btc tx

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Can we please organize all the information about what is going on right now in this thread? Coinbase, Kraken, GDAX, and so on? There’s no real information here in the sub anymore? Just memes?

Guys, we should make a list of everything that is wrong right now. How is Coinbase doing? Gdax? Kraken?

Below I would like to add the status of other Bitcoin services as you guys keep commenting your experiences. The objective would be for us to have a good overview of whats going on right now.

Mods, please let this post live. We need information during times where everyone is "What the hell is going on".

Please upvote this thread and the good comments and I'll keep editing throughout the day.

  • Bitfinex is doing fine (unless you margin traded yesterday during the flash crash), I didn't try to withdraw though so I don't know if that's working right now.

  • Cryptopia (New Zealand exchange) is doing fine, no downtimes, possible to withdraw and everything seems ok besides everything melting down.

  • GDAX is currently stable.

  • Kraken is having troubles for a long time now. Orders don't go through, 404 errors and duplicated orders, you name it. Basically,yesterday was like any other day for them. (please check Kraken staff comment below).

  • Coinbase FINALLY allowed me to buy bitcoin after several attempts and error messages. (this is not consensus, many people still unable to buy / sell through Coinbase). Coinbase say they are under maintenance.

  • Bitstamp is currently stable and able to make trades.

  • Gemini has been working fine for me. Threw up a couple limit orders as the price was dropping, they went in and ended up being filled successfully.

  • Quadriga (one of the prominent Canadian exchanges) is business as usual.

  • Bittrex is being reported by multiple users, transactions delay, transactions cancelled, support is non existance, etc, be careful.

Kraken replied to the thread with the following comment: "Hi OP, just as a general update, which has been also mentioned by one of the commenters here, /u/bhishmapitamah/ — we do have update(s) coming at Kraken, to the trade engine as well, and they are coming soon (anticipated deployment between 1st and 2nd week(s) of December 2017, although we don't have an exact date). Please see here for further details."

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet