$500 Million Has Been Mistakenly Sent to Ethereum’s Genesis Address (news.bitcoin.com)

Genesis blocks hold a symbolism that’s almost spiritual. They represent the birth of a new cryptocurrency, and when that currency flourishes, its foundation stone – the maiden block to have been mined –  is referenced reverentially. Ethereum’s first address is a memorable one: 0x followed by 40 zeroes. It’s also a dangerous one that has been the unintended recipient of $ 6 million in ether and over $ 500 million in ERC20 tokens.
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Moore's law predicted that electric circuits would double in # of transistors every 18 months. This exponential growth has held for 50+ years and applies to many tech scenarios. Bitcoin is doubling in price every ~8 months since the Genesis Block. This gr


PeerCoin – Altcoin Creation, cant get genesis block

Hi we are developing an altcoin from Peercoin which is an x11 based coin. The merkle generates just fine. But when I recompile and load the daemon it says Genesis Block can not be created.

I tried adding

if (true && block.GetHash() != hashGenesisBlock) { printf("Searching for genesis block...\n"); // This will figure out a valid hash and Nonce if you're // creating a different genesis block: uint256 hashTarget = CBigNum().SetCompact(block.nBits).getuint256(); uint256 thash; char scratchpad[SCRYPT_SCRATCHPAD_SIZE]; loop { #if defined(USE_SSE2) // Detection would work, but in cases where we KNOW it always has SSE2, // it is faster to use directly than to use a function pointer or conditional. #if defined(_M_X64) || defined(__x86_64__) || defined(_M_AMD64) || (defined(MAC_OSX) && defined(__i386__)) // Always SSE2: x86_64 or Intel MacOS X scrypt_1024_1_1_256_sp_sse2(BEGIN(block.nVersion), BEGIN(thash), scratchpad); #else // Detect SSE2: 32bit x86 Linux or Windows scrypt_1024_1_1_256_sp(BEGIN(block.nVersion), BEGIN(thash), scratchpad); #endif #else // Generic scrypt scrypt_1024_1_1_256_sp_generic(BEGIN(block.nVersion), BEGIN(thash), scratchpad); #endif if (thash <= hashTarget) break; if ((block.nNonce & 0xFFF) == 0) { printf("nonce %08X: hash = %s (target = %s)\n", block.nNonce, thash.ToString().c_str(), hashTarget.ToString().c_str()); } ++block.nNonce; if (block.nNonce == 0) { printf("NONCE WRAPPED, incrementing time\n"); ++block.nTime; } } printf("block.nTime = %u \n", block.nTime); printf("block.nNonce = %u \n", block.nNonce); printf("block.GetHash = %s\n", block.GetHash().ToString().c_str()); } 

But then the make wouldnt complete, it returned scrypt_scratchpad is undefined, error 1.

Then I removed the entire code and I get main.cpp:2372: bool LoadBlockIndex(bool): Assertion `block.GetHash() == hashGenesisBlock’ failed.

Line 2372 is assert(block.GetHash() == hashGenesisBlock);

I dont know what the problem is, can some please help?

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