I just want to thank you guys for your help in getting me started with Bitcoin. (reddit.com)

I’ve read through dozens of threads in this sub and watched multiple videos to figure out the best way to get started with buying Bitcoin. I plan to invest and hold onto (HODL?) $ 2,400 total: $ 1,400 for myself and $ 500 each for my two kids. I’d like to do more, but I’m still scared by Bitcoin’s volatility and figure this is about as much as I’m willing to risk right now. Here are the steps I took. Please critique them if you see I did something wrong: *created a Coinbase account *transferred…


What’s the most sane advice you can give someone getting into Bitcoin?

I want to tell my friend to go all in, but I'm worried that Ill be blamed if for some reason the price shouldnt hit a new all time high. What is sound investment advice I could give to my friend who is on the fence about getting into BTC?

Someone also suggested looking at the Karbon Platform which I will definitely check out. Looks like it could be a real driver in pushing mainstream adoption. Thanks for that tip, I'll definitely tell my friend this!

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