Bitcoin is getting fun! (And useful!)

I've been following this sub since the middle of last year, but I've never really used Bitcoin to buy anything. I've often seen people here suggest using Bitcoin when possible for purchases then immediately buying more Bitcoin to replace what you've just spent. But, it has always seemed impractical to spend both the Bitcoin transaction fees and the exchange fees (for replacing the Bitcoin quickly) just for the sake of spreading Bitcoin as a useable currency.

BUT, today I used the Lightning wallet feature on the new Bluewallet app to buy a sticker from Blockstream. It worked perfectly, instantly. I then used the Cash App by square to transfer cash from my bank account, buy Bitcoin instantly, and transfer the Bitcoin to my Bluewallet to replace what I had spent all with no fees. I did this all on my phone while waiting in a checkout line at a store. Took less than a few minutes.

It was fun and exciting to actually use Bitcoin and I will be on the lookout for more ways to actually spend and replace Bitcoin.

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