New Website Ranks 600 Cryptocurrencies by Github Activity (

From market cap to trading volume, there’s a lot of ways to assess and quantify cryptocurrencies. Traders evaluating new crypto projects are prone to diving deep in their quest to uncover diamonds in the rough. Github activity – the frequency with which the code governing cryptocurrencies is updated – provides a good indicator of which projects are still being cared for and which have been allowed to go to seed. Cryptomiso is a new website that logs and charts the Github commits for


A question for NYA supporters : Software from Garzik is still not ready or it’s hidden from github ….why would you trust a fork like this?

BTC1 Github's page has stopped being active Fork is in 2 weeks and the community has not seen anything ready for Alpha yet

I can understand supporters of NYA agreement being still convinced a S2X is needed but how can you think a fork like this, meant with NO REPLAY protection, can be deployed safely without any vetting from hundreds or even thousands of people before? I am aware that probably NYA Signers recieved their "preview" of the code, but how can people in the bitcoin comunity be ok with closed Source developing and eventually going open source so late that vetting source code is impossible?

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Hi, I’m mkwia, a contributor to UASF on GitHub, and I would like to talk about any questions you might have about it.

As most of you know, /u/shaolinfry and many others have been working on a User-Activated Soft Fork, a way for users to have a say in the direction of bitcoin when miners and users don't agree on protocol upgrades. Last night a UASF pull request was opened on litecoin, so with the idea gaining momentum I thought it might be useful to answer any questions anyone might still have about UASF.

BIP148/u/shaolinfry's BIP on which UASF is based.

UASF/bitcoin on GitHub – a great FAQ about UASF

Bitcoin Core slack – you can join the #UASF channel and talk to us there!

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