Miners from 15 Countries to Give Input for Russian Cryptocurrency Bill (news.bitcoin.com)

Cryptocurrency miners from 15 countries have confirmed that they will be showing Russian parliamentarians how cryptocurrencies are mined and discussing their countriesโ€™ specific approaches to mining regulation. After the meeting, the Russian government plans to draw up recommendations and proposals for crypto legislation, which will be submitted on December 28.
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Give Bitcoin this Christmas. I’ll start with 25 Bitcoin… (day 1)

For the 25 days up to Christmas I will donate 1 Bitcoin to a good cause suggested by r/bitcoin. It can be a charity, an open source project, a crowdfund or anything else.


When submitting a suggestion it would be great if you could link to a donation page with a Bitcoin donation address if available. This will allow others to find and donate to causes they wish to also.


Each day I'll pick from the suggestions, likely the most upvoted one. I'll ignore any scams. Also I think that it would be best to have 25 individual donations so I will pick a different one each day.


I would like to encourage everyone here to try and donate anything they can too. Either to the same causes I do, others suggested that I didn't donate to, local charities or family and friends in need. Especially if the recent price increase has been good for you.


I will try to send donations as fast as possible but there may be times where I have to do more research or checks to verify the suggestions are legit.


Proof of funds: Message: "Give Bitcoin this Christmas"
Address: 34WbSyrtibUJiFbRa7ukLC8RGdFMnQRn4b
Signature: I8vZgsyOb1CKbTjo/Mravp03yIFnC94GNTVYOkBbhIUPUajfKPg4nh8zj7dWu5qzev2nsAtByLwpHHDnVwyAxsI=


Lastly, if you wish to give but don't have the time to check Reddit for the next 25 days you can send Bitcoin to the address above. I will divide the extra Bitcoin sent to that address by 25 and donate it to each of the chosen causes on the 25th or the 26th.


P.S. Please make sure that any donation websites or addresses posted are legit before sending Bitcoin as unfortunately we usually have to deal with a lot of scammers when doing giveaways.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

I Give Up. I’m Done.

I got into Bitcoin about 6 months ago. I fell in love with the idea of it. My first purchase was for 1.8 bitcoins. Then I started listening to altcoin traders talking about how they increase their Bitcoin holdings by trading alts. I wanted to increase my Bitcoin from 1.8 to an even 2.0, so I began trading alts. With much work, I was able to increase my Bitcoin to about 3.5. I spent every night researching and monitoring different alts, and stressing over them for 6 months. And now, here I am with about 1.7 Bitcoin, after all that hard work and stress. I would have been better off just holding Bitcoin and never trading it. Lesson learned. Starting today I will only hold Bitcoin. I did not understand how special this coin is, but I do now. I will not sell it again, but only buy more when I can afford to. I'm done with alts. Rant over. Go Bitcoin!

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I have found I stay w in my budget and acquire more BTC by simply asking myself before I buy anything is “Would I rather have ‘this’ or buy more BTC”. BTC always wins out. Give it a try the next time you think of buying something.

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What’s the most sane advice you can give someone getting into Bitcoin?

I want to tell my friend to go all in, but I'm worried that Ill be blamed if for some reason the price shouldnt hit a new all time high. What is sound investment advice I could give to my friend who is on the fence about getting into BTC?

Someone also suggested looking at the Karbon Platform which I will definitely check out. Looks like it could be a real driver in pushing mainstream adoption. Thanks for that tip, I'll definitely tell my friend this!

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