Coinbase, the reason Segwit wasn’t a “Top 5” feature request was because no one could have imagined you were stupid enough NOT to work on it. YOU were the ones crying about high fees and transaction limits, and given the tools to scale you’ve done jackshit

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

I started a small business using a fraction of a bitcoin given to me on this sub in 2013. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone

I was originally disappointed with some poor experiences using Coinbase and mentioning my issues on this sub. I never asked for anything, simply was whining about problems I had with Coinbase at the time when they were being flooded with new accounts and support requests.

Everyone was great about helping me out and pointing me in the right direction to have things set up properly. Unexpectedly, someone sent me about a quarter of a bitcoin to repair my feelsies, which was quite a lot of currency to send over the internet to a stranger, especially on an alt account that had been fairly recently created.

I ended up using it to cover the costs of starting a little business. I now manufacture stenography keyboards that are compatible with Plover for stuff like live transcription (or just fast typing in general). Now that the design all done, I'll soon be uploading the PCB files and case design online to be freely used for anyone to make or modify, even for commercial purposes, under the TAPR Open Hardware License.

I know I might be better off hodling, but I like the idea of actively using bitcoin more than storing it away.

Thanks, /r/Bitcoin, for helping me get to this point. Even when I didn't deserve it.

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I want to personally thank Dr. Wright for finally admitting that the bigblockchain will be given to the banks to administrate and validate and make our transactions for us!

It was about time someone spoke the truth and this someone was the most honorable Dr. Craig Wright, the new spearhead of the big block / centralization movement. In his talk in Arnhem he made clear that the bigblock Bitcoin-chain ("bankchain") will NOT be a p2p thing, will NOT be possible to be validated by anyone with hardware worth less than 20k but that it should and will be validated by – the banks. As he says there are 170.000 banks in the world, they have the computing power and of course they would never collude – I mean they never did now, did they?


Because this means that there is now clarity in regards to the faith of both chains after a possible fork. One will be the bank's coin, for everybody who wants “hard central controlled money”, who desires to “stop thinking” and who longs for “strong leadership” (all quotes from Dr. Wright's talk). The legacy chain will be the one for people who prefer money that is not centrally controlled, who can't stop bloody thinking and who don't give a fuck about leaders.

I strongly believe that both chains will gain in value soon after the fork. The bank's coin will skyrocket first as all the banks will pump their worthless fiat into it now that they control that side of Bitcoin. The original Bitcoin chain will finally be able to activate segwit and get lightning fast zero conf transactions, sidechains, microtransactions, smart contract capabilities, anonymity and fungability.

If you hold the coins on both chains the bank chain will make you rich and the legacy Bitcoin chain will fullfill all your wettest cypherpunk dreams.

So everybody can have their cake, eat it too and get a different flavored cake for free on top!

On a side-note it is now clear that the centralization movement will not have a problem with blocks however big they may get: if the bankchain gets too big too handle for the banks they can just replace it with a SQL database because nobody using the bankchain will realize any difference as nobody is validating their own payments on that system anyhow.

So the future looks brighter than ever for anyone hodling Bitcoin now.

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