Gold Vs. US Dollar Vs. Bitcoin: Which One Is Going To Last?

Looking at bitcoin, Eliseo said it is durable, portable, divisible, and instantly recognizable. But, “the jury is still out as to its consistency” and acceptability is largely a “no.” “As for whether or not BTC is intrinsically valuable, one could argue either side of this – but for me, just as I see some intrinsic value in …
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There is so much misinformation going on right now. Be careful (

I feel like this subreddit is being assaulted by propaganda. Transaction times and fees are high right now because of the SX2 and B.C.H drama right now. I believe some miners have temporarily stopped mining Bitcoin to gob up B.C.H while the heat is high but I do not think it is sustainable and miners will soon switch back to Bitcoin. There is a ton of spam on the blockchain right now with transactions in an effort I think to try to slow down and increase transaction prices. If you can’t take…


Let’s be clear … nobody knows “for sure” what the Bitcoin price is going to do in the future. (

So stop asking a group of people you don’t know what the price is going to do: Pre-fork Post-fork Tomorrow An hour from now Or any other point in the future. Do your homework and try and form your own opinion but for the love of God … stop asking strangers what the Bitcoin price will be!!! No-one knows !!!