Russian Government Concerned Crypto Bill Inadequate in Many Ways (

The Russian government has officially provided a response to the bill that seeks to outline the legal framework for cryptocurrencies. Many flaws and inadequacies were pointed out including unjustified restrictions on Russian residents and foreign investors.
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Government of Iran Bans Foreign Fiat Currency Exchanges (

It appears that the Iranian people are losing trust in the rial as it continues to depreciate in value. In response, the government of Iran is trying to prevent them from getting their hands on foreign currency, providing another example of the need for bitcoin. We should expect to see a growth in local bitcoin use as this situation develops, just as has happened in Venezuela and elsewhere.
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US: Hackers Shut Down Atlanta Government Computers Demanding Bitcoin

Hackers have decided to shut down major computer systems In Atlanta, Georgia and have been demanding to be paid a sum of $ 51,000 in Bitcoin for them to re-enable the systems which have been affected. This is according to fortune reports on March 23. Keisha Lance Bottoms who is Atlanta's Mayor …
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