Paris, from November 17, the merchants of the Parisian « Passage du Grand Cerf » will welcome Bitcoin

From November 17, the merchants of the Parisian « Passage du Grand Cerf » will welcome Bitcoin, the digital distributed currency already used by million of people all over the world. The Paris district of Sentier and Montorgueil had already two Bitcoin-friendly shops, the Sof’s Bar on rue Saint-Sauveur and the Brasserie Ô Caire on rue du Caire, not to mention the famous « Maison du Bitcoin » opened in 2014.

Built circa 1825, the « Passage du Grand Cerf » is a protected historical monument in Paris. A true architectural case with a unique mix of iron and glass materials and woodwork, it is known as the highest canopy in Paris (12 m height) and was the place of many shooting, including a sequence of Louis Malle’s « Zazie dans le Métro » in 1960. Located in the heart of the trendy quartier of Montorgueil, the « Passage du Grand Cerf » is a commercial Gallery with 25 retailers, creative workshop and “bistrots”. Far from uniform consumption habits, you will, in this eclectic and stylish universe discover some creators master pieces, trendy decoration pieces, fashion and sophisticated accessories and a wild selection of unique or collector pieces. Both with tradition and bohemian taste, hype and offbeat, this Passage leads you out of the box. A « coup-de-cœur » address to be discovered, with or even without bitcoin in your pocket!

An early and friendly partner, the « Cercle du Coin » and the « Maison du Bitcoin » as the anchor of Bitcoin in Paris (with the support of Bitpay) are happy to have coached the « Passage du Grand Cerf » in its way to Bitcoin.

« Le CERCLE DU COIN » is the leading Association for French-speaking Bitcoin pros. It was launched in January 2016 by 7 founders coming from 3 countries. It has now more than 50 members in France, but also Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, in the USA and in Hong-Kong : young companies related to Bitcoin, analysing or developing blockchains, academics, developers, lawmen, media or blog writers, all of them willing to share ideas and committed to support projects about the distributed money, with no banks and no borders.

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