This crucial bitcoin group is an unexpected source of rising futures trading volume

When the Cboe Global Markets Inc., and the CME Grop Inc., separately launched bitcoin futures within weeks of each other in December, advocates of digital currencies had hoped it would lead to a surge in interest. However, early volumes were light, as investors, especially among big institutions, …
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“Venture Capital Working Group” Seeks Select Cryptocurrency “Safe Harbor” (

Several venture capitalists (VCs) and entrepreneurs have been petitioning federal authorities to see certain virtual currencies in a “different light.”Right now, many cryptocurrencies are in danger of being classified as “securities,” which would place them under strict regulatory scrutiny. Working to change this, venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures have gathered a team of lawyers and investors known as the “Venture Capital Working Group” to meet with the U.S…


16 Government-Approved Crypto Exchanges Have Formed Self-Regulatory Group in Japan (

A new association has been registered in Japan consisting of 16 government-approved cryptocurrency exchanges. The group will focus on establishing self-regulatory rules and will have the authority to investigate and sanction members that do not comply with self-regulation.
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Major blockchain group says Europe should exempt Bitcoin from new data privacy rule

Since people can store personal data in blockchains, the technology could fall under the purview of the upcoming European change to privacy law. But blockchain technology may be fundamentally incompatible with Europe's new privacy rules, Washington, DC think tank Coin Center said today in a new …
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Idea for increasing adoption – Calculated group effort. (

Essentially large companies would adopt Bitcoin on the condition that enough consumers would be willing to purchase their goods with it. Chances are you may have never contacted a company to confirm if they will accept BTC as payment prior to making a purchase. You may have never even made a purchase with BTC unless it was for other crypto. This needs to change, I recently contact a mattress company to confirm if they would accept BTC as payment in which they responded with a simple “No”….


Digital Currency Group Welcomes Bitcoin-Friendly Bank to the ‘DCG Family’ (

This week the ‘bitcoin-friendly’ financial institution Silvergate Bank sold 9.5 million shares that raised a sum of $ 114Mn USD during the common stock sale. Some of the capital injection was provided by the venture capital firm Digital Currency Group who welcomed Silvergate Bank into the company’s growing list of partners and subsidiaries.
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Coinshares Group Plans to Launch New Crypto-Investment Funds (

This week the firm Coinshares Group has announced two new investment vehicles tethered to cryptocurrencies. Coinshares was the first organization to launch publicly traded bitcoin and ethereum-based exchange-traded-notes (ETN), and the firm’s new funds will offer retail investors more “familiar channels” to invest in the growing digital asset economy.
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CNBC manager connected to bitcoinCash meetup group: explains why FastMoney lets Ver pump his latest project without any challenging questions…

Journalistic Integrity:

That’s the marketing manager’s husband being a creator of a bcash group.

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Markets Update: Bitcoin Spot Prices Slide After CME Group Opens Futures

Bitcoin markets took a slide on Sunday evening December 17 about an hour after CME Group launched the company's futures markets. Even though the beginning of the derivatives sessions were quite bullish with contracts above $ 20K, bitcoin's spot markets dipped to a low of $ 17,925 across many …
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