Wisconsin Mulls Guidelines for Campaign Contributions in Bitcoin (news.bitcoin.com)

Authorities in the state of Wisconsin have discussed the adoption of guidelines regarding cryptocurrency contributions to political campaigns, as requested by the Libertarian Party. Other states, like California, have urged politicians not to accept bitcoin donations. Kansas is the only state prohibiting such contributions. The Federal Election Commission allows crypto donations to campaigns for federal office. 
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Swiss Regulator Gives Clear Guidelines for Launching ICOs (bitcoinmagazine.com)

On February 16, 2018, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA put the world on notice by being the first major economy to set out clear guidelines on initial coin offerings (ICOs). In an announcement, the Swiss regulator addressed plans to apply financial market legislation to different tokens as well as lay out how ICO organizers can get proper input from FINMA when planning or launching their…


US Lawmaker Wants Ethics Committee to Form Bitcoin Disclosure Guidelines

U.S. bureaucrats are ramping up efforts to try and regulate the decentralized currency bitcoin and the slew of other cryptocurrencies that exist. On February 5, the House Representative Jared Polis who is known as “bitcoin-friendly,” submitted a request that urges the House Committee on Ethics (HCE) to …
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