Crypto AriseCoin Creator Pleads Guilty to $4.2 Million Securities Fraud

An ICO fraud case has concluded with a guilty plea. Jared Rice Sr., the former CEO of decentralized bank startup AriseBank and creator of the AriseCoin, has pleaded guilty to cheating investors out of $ 4.2 million in a crypto scam reportedly guaranteeing double-digit returns. The announcement was made by U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas Erin Nealy Cox after Rice was arrested by the FBI at year-end 2018. Rice has also since reached a settlement with the U.S. SEC in a civil action for which he and another former executive of the startup are on the hook for

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Criminal Bitcoin Trader Found Guilty of Money Laundering in Arizona

Though many convicted criminals serve time and receive help reforming, for one Bitcoin trader, his record continues to grow from felony marijuana charges to money laundering. First reported by CCN earlier as an “unlicensed money transmitting business,” it appears as though Thomas Mario Costanzo, …
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A Former university student pleaded guilty to launching cyber attack (

21-year-old Paras Jha, from Fanwood, has pleaded guilty to launching malware attack on the Rutgers University computers. He implanted the malware in an IoT device which gave him access to hold all university data under captive.
He was a former student of the Rutgers University, and his knowledge of the data system of the school was…