Bitcoin Headed For $100000 Or $100? CEOs, Big Investors And Harvard Economist Predictions

Many predictions have been made regarding Bitcoin's price which, after jumping from around $ 1,000 to $ 20,000 in 2017, decreased to lows of around $ 6,000 before climbing back to $ 8,000. This huge volatility makes it very challenging to predict the price in the short-term. Nonetheless, a fundamental …
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Bitcoin Price More Likely $100 Than $100K in a Decade: Harvard Economist

Bitcoin may be recouping some of its earlier losses, but there's more likelihood it goes to $ 100 than $ 100,000 in ten years from now, Kenneth Rogoff, a Harvard University professor and economists told CNBC. During an interview on CNBC's “Squawk Box,” Rogoff predicted that in a decade from now …
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Harvard Professors Predict Bitcoin Collapse Due to Government Regulation

According to some Harvard economics professors, Bitcoin will eventually be destroyed through the weight of government regulation. Professor Kenneth S. Rogoff believes that the risk of financial anonymity will eventually create an environment where regulation would crush Bitcoin. He said:.
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Microsoft, Harvard, UCL Take Steps to Bulletproof Smart Contracts

Ethereum’s community is standing up to the challenge of securing smart contracts by taking steps to implement the lessons learned from the DAO. Microsoft Research, Harvard University and Inra, a French national research institute that employs 2700 computer science researchers from the “world’s most prestigious universities”, have published a highly technical paper [PDF] on the formal […]

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