I hate to be the one and saying this

but you need to wake up!

all those people asking whats going on.. well let me tell you. another cryptocurrency is coming very close to taking over.

I love BTC and I love what the devs have accomplished in the past, but the current state of Satoshi's legacy is a nightmare!

These are only the first tremors. More and more will follow as Number2 gets increased media attention and people buy in basically making a self fulfilling prophecy.


edit: im not even talking market cap. asic resistance, scalability, steady process.. I really do not want to sound like I am promoting something here, but shits getting real, open your eyes.

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PSA: How to restore Bitcoin’s fungibility with this one cool trick (Tracking Startups Hate Him!)

Sorry for the clickbait title, but this is a pressing matter.

Recently JoinMarket released a protocol upgrade which makes the snooping attack expensive to perform. However, this makes no difference until you stop running the old version and switch to the new one.

No, it doesn't matter that half the liquidity has moved to the new protocol. Nobody1 is using the new protocol, so the profit remains in the old (vulnerable) protocol, and there is no incentive for liquidity providers to remain there. Worse yet, there is an incentive for participants to provide liquidity using both the old protocol and the new one, which ruins privacy on both sides as the snoop could still identify coins through the old protocol.

Stop using the old protocol!

  1. EDIT for clarification: The new protocol has been tested for months on testnet, and used on mainnet for several days. There are some transactions there, but nowhere near the volume on the old protocol; so you won't be the first client to switch, although you may be the ~fifth. In case you were wondering, there is no way to distinguish which protocol was used to produce a finished transactions, although obviously the participants know which it was.

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