Crypto Funds Drop 29.2% in March Reveals Hedge Fund Data Specialist (

In theory, hedge funds employ complex investment strategies that should allow them to achieve high returns both in bearish and bullish markets. In practice many fail due to short term thinking and over-leveraged trading. These can be especially costly and not suitable for the young and volatile cryptocurrency market as any long time bitcoin HODLer can tell you.  
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As Bitcoin Plunged, These Crypto Hedge Funds Kept Making Money

… trading strategies include market-making, short-term trend following and exploiting pricing discrepancies between different currency pairs and exchanges. Market Neutral Liquidity SP-Institutional, with more than $ 100 million of assets under management, makes markets for currencies such as Bitcoin, …
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Hedge Fund Manger Lists Multi-Million Dollar Townhouse in Bitcoin…for a 50% Premium

The real estate industry is increasingly embracing bitcoin as a form of payment. Most recently, hedge fund manager Claudio Guazzoni de Zanett has put his Manhattan townhome on the market for nearly $ 30 million in USD or $ 45 million in cryptocurrencies, according to a story in The Wall Street Journal.
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Hedge Fund Titan George Soros Is Getting into Cryptocurrencies

In recent months, regulators across the globe have started paying closer attention to cryptocurrencies, which has scared off investors. Interest in Bitcoin also appears to have waned, with the number of searches in the asset—which has generally followed its price—also falling since the start of the year.
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