Bitcoin’s White Paper Is Not a Bible – Stop Worshipping It – Samson Mow attempts to remind us the original post to the cypherpunk mail-list was to seed awareness among a intellectual group of hackers who might help improve an idea, not to provide a project scope or precise roadmap

Many people acknowledge October 31 2008 as the “birth” of Bitcoin by way of the white paper. These individuals are not recognizing the birth of the first block itself, but simply the birth of the idea being made by way of a public announcement to gain critical opinion and possibly further developmental support. A few clever people took his bait.

Mow writes a good summary as to why Satoshi's idea as described on 9 pages is not a technical scope document of a major software project and this difference is helpful by providing clarity and understanding.

The actual source code for the pre-release version came out November 16 2008, and version 0.1.0 on January 9th, 2009, after the Genisis Block was created. Satoshi himself stated his code began development at least 1.5 years prior.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Do you speak more than one language? Then help spread Bitcoin around the world by translating!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Simon AKA Komodorpudel (I know, my name on Reddit is Komodor123, but that is a different story 😊) and I help manage the translation efforts for ( is by no means Bitcoin’s official website, but it has been one of the most visited Bitcoin websites for quite some time. And a few months ago, in August, turned ten years old.

When I started to assist with the German translation in 2013, the site was just redesigned, numerous pages were added, additional Bitcoin-software was listed, and the translation system was created. The objective was providing an independent and transparent source of information; I was happy to help. Back then, Bitcoin was hovering around a one billion USD market cap and MtGox was still a thing (at least for a few more months 😊).

A lot of things have changed since then. Bitcoin has matured; exchanges have grown out of nowhere and millions of people have entered the space. Bitcoin now offers relief for people in countries such as Venezuela, Big 4 firms provide blockchain services, US presidential candidates accept bitcoin donations, and in general blockchain is the new “solution” for everything 😊.

But a few things stayed the same. remains a leading source of information about Bitcoin, currently available in 27 different languages. While the site has had its share of controversies, this does not change the fact that just about everything is still handled publicly through GitHub ( and everyone can participate (unlike some of the other Bitcoin-related websites people may end up on). I personally do not agree with certain opinions of Cobra-Bitcoin, the co-owner of, but itself remains very transparent and I can personally vouch for the content on the website.

Over the years, many dedicated volunteers have helped by adding content and translating it into their language; thank you very much! But like for all of us, life goes on. Many volunteers got a new job and no more time to spare, founded a family, or simply lost interest in Bitcoin and dedicated their time to new projects. Nobody can blame them for that, but this ensures that is in constant need for volunteers that help translating the site.

Thus, I want to address a new generation of Bitcoin-interested people here on Reddit – please help support Bitcoin and! Help us spread Bitcoin around the world! There is a lot of stuff to translate and we are more than happy to welcome you!

You can find information on how to get started with translating here:

Feel free to join or Telegram Group (Infos can be found in the previous link) and introduce yourself!

All work is on a voluntary basis, but thanks to a previous sponsorship from Paxful, people who translated during the summer were contacted so they could be paid some bitcoin for their efforts, and we plan to offer more of these opportunities in the future!

Thank you very much for your time! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them here or by writing me on Telegram (Username: “@Komodorpudel”).

Best regards,


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Need help with a Bitcoin Node, can’t get more than 8 connections (ports already forwarded)

I've spent two days trying to figure out how to get more than 8 connections, UPNP on, UPNP off, ports open, I can't seem to get more than 8 connections

Should I put something specific in the bitcoin.conf? what should I do?

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Poloniex just responded to a Help request after 5 months.

" On Fri, May 18, 2018 at 12:05 PM, Poloniex wrote: Hi xxxxxxx,

Happy to help!

We will pass this case to the team that is able to assist you. If you have additional information to add or any further questions, please respond here.

Best, Poloniex Support Team"

I sent several followup emails. No response.

How thrilling to receive this now:

"Thanks for contacting our support team, and thank you for your patience in regards to this open case.

We are actively working on improving our product and services…".

and ends with the humorous "Please let us know if you have any other question".

Hey, Poloniex. I'll be sure to do that.

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Please help us keep the Bitcoin (Arch Wiki) page clean from Bcash trolls

They keep trying to add bcash content to confuse people and I have to revert those edits:

Please help me fight the spam.

There were flamewars on the Discussion page in the past (check the history).

The person whose comment I reverted just added this comment:

I cannot do this alone, so I need the help from all of you.

About me, I'm a Arch Linux and bitcoin user and I love them both, I don't like seeing the bitcoin page get hijacked by these people. So please help.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet