Dow Zooms Toward Record High: Is a Major Rally Inevitable?

By CCN: As the Dow pounds within a few hundred points of its all-time high, it’s time for the bears to admit that there are sunny skies ahead for the stock market bellwether. On April 18, the Dow Jones Industrial Average soared by nearly 140 points or 0.53 percent to 26,588.81. The index is now well within striking distance of its all-time high at 26,828.39. With the U.S. unemployment rate at a 50-year low and significant progress being made with the U.S.-China trade talks, the momentum of the Dow is likely to be maintained throughout the medium-term. Trade Gap is Reducing,

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Next Bitcoin Bull Run Slays 2017’s ‘Hype-Driven’ $20,000 High: Researcher

By Tom Shaughnessy, a co-founder at Delphi Digital, an independent research boutique for institutional-grade analysis, believes the next bull run of bitcoin will be bigger than the previous rally. “The last BTC bull run was driven by hype around magical internet money. The next one will be driven by an actual macro based understanding of the benefits of a non-sovereign, capped, digital SoV bolstered by lightning. The next bull run will be bigger,” he said. As bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market matures, researchers like Shaughnessy foresee the demand for decentralized alternative cryptocurrencies and stores of value

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Trump Sends 2020 R.I.P To Biden & Sanders as Dow Nears Record High

Donald Trump rubbed his crystal ball (otherwise known as looking at polling) and has come up with his most likely Democratic opponents. Unsurprisingly his prediction is for “Crazy” Bernie Sanders and “Sleepy” Joe Biden to come out on top. I believe it will be Crazy Bernie Sanders vs. Sleepy Joe Biden as the two finalists to run against maybe the best Economy in the history of our Country (and MANY other great things)! I look forward to facing whoever it may be. May God Rest Their Soul! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 17, 2019 Dow Jones  Far More Important

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Bitcoin will have high fees. The block size shouldn’t be increased.

We've had this debate for years, and it's cropping up again. I think we need to nip this in the bud now.

If you increase the blocksize then you will decrease fees, thus making it easier for Veriblock and Coinbase to spam the network and never bother to optimise their platforms. When VeriBlock temporarily paused their system, confirmed on-chain transactions dropped from ~325,000/day to ~225,000/day. That should give you a sense as to just how much spam is being caused by low fees.

If we go to 2MB, those companies will fill blocks up again. Fees will rise to the exact same level in a short period. Now you've got the same situation as before, except a whole lot of full node operators can't keep up with the bandwidth so turn their nodes off. Blocks will propagate through the network slower, centralising mining and providing an unfair advantage to the previous block winner.

The final point, which really should shut this whole discussion down, is that we've already been through this. Bcash exists. It had the same code base as bitcoin at the time of the split. If that's how you think Bitcoin should operate, then just use bcash and be done with it. LN can be built on top of bcash, it's just barely anyone wants to develop for it because overwhelmingly technical people understand why raising the blocksize is a bad idea.

If you're right, bcash will overtake Bitcoin and you can tell everyone I told you so. But you're not going to convince us to change the block size.

And for the love of Christ, if you're a non-technical investor, maybe consider a little humility before insulting the Core devs and demanding a solution you know nothing about to a problem which doesn't exist.

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Ethereum Classic Price Explodes 34%, Blasts Cryptocurrency to 4-Month High

The Ethereum Classic price jumped as much as 33.79-percent on Sunday, rocketing the cryptocurrency to a four-month high above $ 7.50. Ethereum Classic Sets New 2019 High, Goes Crazy on Coinbase CoinMarketCap data shows the Ethereum Classic price established an intraday high at $ 7.79, its best mark since November 16, 2018, on an hourly candle. On Coinbase, ETC formed higher highs towards $ 14, indicating that the demand on the US crypto trading platform was soaring compared to other exchanges. Whether or not US traders were able to benefit from the vast ETC price imbalance was unclear at this time of writing.

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