Localbitcoins.com is illegally holding my 9.3 bitcoin on “escrow” since may 2015

In may 2015 /BTC-OTC/ scammed me and other 6 persons using bank transfer chargeback which led to my bank account being closed and all my funds frozen for 45 days. At the time BTC-OTC was one of the most reputable traders on Localbitcoins.

I shortly reported this to localbitcoins.com whitch led to BTC-OTC's account being banned and funds being locked – HERE also made a police fraud complaint to the relevant authority in UK

Localbitcoins freezed the funds stating the following in my support ticket – HERE

Since then I've been actively trying to get my coins with no result receiving only one single reply on my support ticket in 8 months

When contacting Max on linkedin his reply was – HERE

When contacting Max on reddit his reply was – HERE nevertheless 6 months passed with no reply on my ticket.

I emailed Jeremias Kangas (CEO & Founder of LBC) with no success. Also in my numerous visits at Metropolitan Police with this issue I was advised the same, this is a localbitcoins.com customer service issue not a legal issue.

Police official statement on my complaint – HERE

National Fraud Intelligence Bureau advised to change my fraud complaint against localbitcoins in order for them to investigate and contact localbitcoins regarding the case.

After 6 months of waiting, Max's reply was – HERE , after sharing all the info on both support ticket and email he replied on email HERE

I knew this won't go anywhere so meanwhile I found a Metropolitan Police Sergeant specialized in blockchain and cyber-crime that understood this issue and decided to help me by contacting them using the fraud report I made in 2015.

Almost 2 months passed since he contacted localbitcoins (3 times) receiving no reply.

Reason I'm posting this is because there are other 5 persons in this very situation, also other hundreds based on the posts complaining online.

Now I'm in the process of taking legal action. I've been in contact with over 40 lawyers from Finland, and found only 2 that are looking to take this case and quoted me at €10.000 to €15.000 for civil proceedings,

One of the lawyers stated that i should also be also eligible for BTC + BCH as per blogpost – HERE

Finnish Law allows only Ombudsman to initiate a class action lawsuit so this can be settled only in civil court

If you are a victim of this or you can help please get in touch.

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