Secretive Chinese bitcoin mining company just revealed a new chip that could hurt AMD, Nvidia

Bitmain dominates the "bitcoin" industry with its specialized ASIC chips that are more efficient at mining than graphic chips from AMD and Nvidia. Bernstein has said Bitmain likely made as much as Nvidia did last year. Analysts estimate that most of Bitmain's revenue is generated by selling mining rigs …
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ALERT: The SECOND result for “bitcoin wallet” on the Apple Store is a SCAM wallet that went live a few days ago. We have to get it removed, this is very important and can hurt people.

Guys, we have to get this removed. It's called "Bitcoin Wallet" and they're imitating "Bitcoin Wallet" that's on Android (this wallet isn't officially on iOS as confirmed by the developer)

The description of the wallet shows pictures of the Android version of it, however once you download the wallet it's a reskinned one based off the breadwallet source code (the description screenshots don't even match what it really looks like, how it functions). There was a user here who reported funds stolen with it.

Do NOT use this wallet and help get it removed!!

Edit: there was news that 8 wallets, infringing on copyrights, all went live the past two days and with them all looking the same except for logo changes:

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Ethereum’s Woes Haven’t Hurt Bitcoin: Wonder Why?

Martin Tillier, a financial advisor who writes for Nasdaq, says the recent DAO hack shows there is a vulnerability in Ethereum and that while some might have thought it would reflect negatively on bitcoin, bitcoin’s price activity demonstrates the reverse. While bitcoin does not offer the development capabilities of Ethereum, it has demonstrated better reliability. […]

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