Can we stop with the Btrash, Bitcoin,com, Ver related posts? It’s all insignificant compared to Bitcoin and you’re only giving that miniature shitstorm oxygen. Ver also loves all the attention – don’t feed his Narcissistic personality disorder. Ignore him.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

With 2x done. Can we please reunite our community? Ignore the forks and focus on Bitcoin people, there’s much work to be done.

As we see the efforts of 2x evaporate we need to come back together as a community. If this doesn't provide everyone in this community a valuable lesson, it's that Bitcoin needs community consensus. Being divisive with political rhetoric doesn't help scale bitcoin and neither do these "signed agreements".

We need better tools for measuring consensus that extend beyond miners signaling or companies signing agreements. These obviously do not reflect consensus at all. Otherwise we're going to keep repeating these upgrade battles.

I hope companies have learned their lesson in supporting these forks that have wasted resources they could've been using supporting Bitcoin.

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