Scalable implementation of Bitcoin

What reference implementations of Bitcoin are most suitable for backing a front end service on to with a high user load?

Something that can be put onto our own AWS or Google Cloud hardware and support being scaled up to support high demand. The front end site will allow people to have their own wallet to pay others for work or product discounts or receive funds for those same things.

One options seems to be Bitcore which has come along way since I last used it. It is Node.JS which can be put on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and it uses MongoDB which can also be scaled on AWS. Are there others and please let me know if I’m wrong about Bitcore before I get too entrenched.

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OpenSSL and Secp256k1 differing in implementation of ECDSA signatures?

OpenSSL (from ssl in Mac OS X Version 10.11.6) and Secp256k1 (from the bitcoin-core repository) seem to differ in their implementations of ECDSA. I’m having issues with these differences and want to make sure they actually exist, and if they do, how to reconcile the differences.

For example, using OpenSSL, the recoverable signatures I get can end in any byte. However, from this line in Secp256k1, it seems that the 65th byte (i.e. the last byte) is required to be between 0 and 4 inclusively.

If this is the case, then why does OpenSSL allow the last byte, which seems to be referred to as rec_id, to be of any value?

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