**PSA: The Scaling Debate is over.** At the Berlin Lightning Hackday this weekend some #reckless people implemented a POS solution on mobile devices that allows us to accept Bitcoin via the lightning network at our bar (ROOM77).


Stuff just got real. Real as in applied in a real world business in a real world usecase recklessly using real money.

People opened channels to our node and paid their bill and other people did not open channels to us but their payments were successfully routed and arrived in literally microseconds as well anyway.

I am herewith declaring the end of the scaling debate. This problem is solved. We can now refocus on the actual challenges like fungability and privacy in Bitcoin.

I wanna throw out the biggest thanks to Rene and all the other guys who I cannot possibly name who have contributed. Also to Jef, Christian and Josh of fulmo who did an unbelievable job bringing the people together here and making this development possible.

This kind of innovation feels like the early days of Bitcoin all over again.

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edit 2: we've come a long way: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/62uw23/lightning_network_is_working_room77_is_accepting/

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If Segwit needs 95% signalling to be “safe”, why wasn’t it implemented as a Hardfork with 95% signalling?

As a sideline watcher for 2+ years, this is what I shake my head at everyday.

A 95% signalling Hardfork Segwit + 2Mb blocks would have easily gotten 95% of the community behind it. Such a simple compromise. Tragic that it didn't happen.

But, my question is still serious. With 95% needed, why not implement a cleaner hardfork?

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