In accordance with the invention there may be provided a method and corresponding system for controlling the performance of a process conducted via a blockchain. The blockchain may or may not be the Bitcoin blockchain. The process may be a lending process. Advantageously, the invention provides a mechanism which enables the ultimate owner of a property or other asset to borrow funds against that asset, and sets out how this can be achieved in a manner which does not require the return to the…


US Govt intends to fine BTC-E, a non-US company, for not implementing US identity requirements.

Alexander is alleged to be involved with MTgox hack laundering, BTCE is not alleged to have done anything except not comply with US Identity regulations. The US wants to be handed 100m for it.

The US don't have control of BTC-E account funds nor their servers and BTC-E doesn't have offices in the USA, the US won't get a penny from them and it's highly unlikely BTC-E will close at all. After all these US statements came out BTC-E put out an update saying they intend to be back online.

However, this marks the start of the war we knew was coming. Now is not a time for FUD spreading, its a time for solidarity across all the communities.

Stop falling for the narrative, that it's a good thing exchanges are being targeted, for your protection.

"FinCEN today assessed a $ 110 million civil money penalty against BTC-e for willfully violating U.S. anti-money laundering (AML) laws."

Everything else you are reading about their involvement with this and that is just the narrative to justify taking down exchanges. The above is the only thing that means anything. That's what this whole thing is really about.

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Implementing Multi-Sig Escrow?

I want to start a BTC market. I understand all the ways to go about creating a site, it’s just the payment implementation which confuses me. I want multi-sig transactions capable between my users on site. If I understand correctly, multi-sig addresses are just special wallets anyways which require a certain fulfillment (2 out of three keys, for example) to go through.

How can I implement a system like this for my users on my server? So I can allow users to trade without the middle man if possible, yet also have the opportunity for an escrow moderation in case something happens? In the end a small percentage of market fees can be charged?

I’m new to Bitcoin programming but I’m assuming you simply have your web application interact with server daemons which dynamically create multi-sig addresses on demand for your users and somehow give them each a key, and leave a key for escrow moderation? And that would probably be all you’d have to do?

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