Bitcoin Educators: Why is it important and beneficial to teach about Bitcoin?

I'm here to get input, quotes, resources, and feedback from anyone involved in Bitcoin education.

I'm an educator in Seoul, Korea, and I also help organize the Seoul Bitcoin meetup with a few others. For a graduate school course I'm taking in Visual Media Technology, I'll be creating a presentation on The Benefits of Teaching Bitcoin. This project will satisfy my course requirements but will also be presented by me at an upcoming Seoul Bitcoin meetup in early July.

My presentation will mainly be centered on the following components but will will also include how Bitcoin works by the nature of these components:

1) Teaching about Bitcoin can help learners understand and take interest in: economics, game theory, information theory, privacy and censorship, ethics, politics, cryptography, coding (explanation of how it's true and why it's important)

2) How to teach about Bitcoin (what to start with and steps through the process & useful methods/activities/analogies)

My goal is to explain how teaching about Bitcoin can be a valuable educational tool. I'd appreciate any of your thoughts, experiences, resources (links, video, images, Ppts).

Title: Bitcoin: A Cross-Curriculum Education Tool

Format: PowerPoint Presentation

Exigency: Bitcoin is something I have grown to love studying and teaching about. It encompasses aspects of my childhood education that I have always disliked, yet which I now enjoy. I believe Bitcoin can serve as a strong educational tool to motivate and educate young learners, garnering interest in important fields that are often taught with little real world application. Bitcoin can solve those teaching woes because it is shockingly brilliant.

Audience: My audience will be learners (high school and up) who know little to nothing beyond having heard the word “Bitcoin”, but who are willing to learn about it and open to the possibility that it might be a good for it to be used as an educational tool to possibly incorporate into a classroom curriculum.

Constraints: There are perhaps too many aspects of Bitcoin to explain, yet they are all important to the system. Some parts are very technical, and it will be challenging to find a balance between explaining certain things at a surface level and diving deep into the technical details.

Thanks in advance

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