Needing Instant (1-2 minutes) API / IPN for bitcoin payments

Basically I’m creating a autobuy in PHP. I’m currently using but their payments take 1-12 hours to send (which defeats the object of my autobuy). I’m needing to know of any way I can allow my payments to be done after 1-2 minutes so I can send the buyer their email with their order automatically.

I wrote to and am waiting for a reply. This should help you understand what I’m needing:

I’m creating a autobuy shop and am using your API / IPN to get callbacks from the users payments to determine the status (successful, or unsuccessful) payment. The problem is that when a user pays the bitcoins to the address on the autobuy, (in coinpayments), it takes about 6-12 hours for the payment to clear. This defeats the whole object of my website (an autobuy). Is there any way I can make payments be completed after 1-2 minutes if a user actually does pay correctly ?

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