PR: Cryptobank Datarius Integrating Bancor Protocol (

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San Jose, Costa Rica – Datarius, a new blockchain cryptobank has today announced collaboration with Bancor to minimize the risk of volatility. Datarius will activate a Token Relay™…



This invention relates generally to blockchain implementations and is suited for, but not limited to, use with the Bitcoin blockchain. It can be used for the implementation of automated processes such as device/system control, process control, distributed computing and storage and others. The invention provides a solution which uses a blockchain to control a process executing on a computing resource. In a preferred embodiment, the computing resource, running simultaneously and in parallel to…


Feasibility of Integrating Proof of Stake systems into everyday devices?

Back in the days of Bitcoin mining there was talk of turning toasters or other electronic devices into Bitcoin mining machines, but that doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore having that it requires lots of power and very low ROI having to run it as a node by itself.

My question is, has there been any discussions or projects that use a Proof-of-Stake coin or system integrated into another internet connected device? I’m not talking about just setting up a raspberry pi and installing a POS node onto it and leaving it to mine.

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