I disagree Bitcoin will stay neutral or go down with this stocks and imminent next bear market and correction. Bitcoin was intended as a the correct response to the last crisis, however, wasn’t realized then. It will be this time.

I noticed the community insinuating that it will go down with the stock market because people will be trying to pull their money out of markets and look for safe havens in government issued assets and currencies, like the dollar, treasuries and bonds.

This is flawed logic and counter to the exact solution and correct response that Satoshi originated in the last crisis.

Bitcoin is a store of non inflationary, non government, digital money and value, that works better than gold, and is extremely powerful because of it's essence. It is a borderless, censorless, immutable, incorruptible, non inflatable measure we can use to evaluate assets distinct from third party interference. It is a power of accurate and true monetary assessment anyone can use. And with community involvement, and cryptographic developments, will become the central means of merchant and consumer exchange.

Stocks, treasuries and all assets were and have been inflated by governments, grossly and incessantly, since the last crisis to stave off the natural discovery of true underlying value within assets. We are now approaching the pinnacle of inflated valuations and indebtedness because of the governments bandaid response to the last crisis. They are simply out of tools now and there is a new measure of value that is immutable, namely, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the answer.

Bitcoin will be realized this time.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Segwit2x is NOT a fork…it is intended to supplant the existing bitcoin chain in effectively a hostile takeover

I am seeing many people getting excited about the coming Segwit2x "fork", thinking they will be getting a new batch of B2X coins, similar to what happened with BCH. To be clear, in November, when the miners begin mining larger blocks, there is no replay protection, and your existing bitcoins will effectively be co-opted to become part of the B2X chain. There has been little to no testing on what that means for everyone who does NOT want to adopt BTC1 based code. They have not done any testing because Garzik, Silbert et al are expecting the original bitcoin chain to simply be eliminated. If this does not alarm you, then it should.

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