Cryptocurrency Interest Wanes — Online Searches for “Bitcoin” Drop 80% (

Over the course of the past few weeks, cryptocurrency prices have been dropping in value. However, online interest is another trend plunging as well within the digital currency realm as Google Trends searches for the word “bitcoin” have descended to levels not seen since October of 2017.
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Poland Refutes Reports of Its Interest in Venezuela’s Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency (

Poland’s Ministry of Finance has refuted reports that it is interested in the petro, the Venezuelan ”oil-backed” currency. Earlier this month, Venezuela reportedly claimed that a handful of countries have expressed interest in receiving the petro for commerce with Venezuela such as Norway, Denmark, Brazil, Vietnam, Poland, and others.
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Bitcoin Fork Wants to Help you Earn Interest After Your Digital Cash

Bitcoin Interest, the latest spinoff of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, aims to lift the interest-bearing benefits of traditional banking and bring them into the cryptocurrency world. Starting with “Bitcoin Cash” last August, Bitcoin has seen around 19 hard forks so far and this year experts predict up to 50 more …
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Lawyers Are Taking Payment in Bitcoin Despite Conflict of Interest Concerns (

An increasing number of lawyers are taking payment in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With many ICO startups destitute until their crowdsale, ether or tokens are often all they can offer. Rather than turn away business, some lawyers have admitted to taking payment in crypto. While increased acceptance of cryptocurrency – especially in such circles – is to be welcomed, it’s led to concerns that lawyers who are financially invested in a project may struggle to dispense impartial