Stop playing into their hands by diluting the bitcoin brand – bitcoin is not bitcoin core.

Bcash is trying to make us adopt the "bitcoin core" moniker which is a tacit surrender of the "bitcoin" name.

It's a strategic play to lessen the authority of bitcoin by putting it on the same level as the also-ran alts who adopted the bitcoin xxxx naming convention.

bitcoin is bitcoin.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Koreans Deposited 64 Times More Fiat Into Crypto Exchanges in 2017 (

The South Korean government has for the first time obtained data of the total amount of fiat deposits made at cryptocurrency exchanges. At the end of last year, the amount of deposits was 64 times higher than in the previous year.
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A bitcoin implosion could 'spill over' into stock market, warns Wells Fargo's Chris Harvey

Last week, bitcoin lost one third of its value in a single day before rebounding. That capped days of volatility which saw the digital currency surge to a new record near $ 20,000. "What we're worried about is froth coming out of that market, and that's starting to affect equities," said Harvey. "You're seeing it …
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