A year Ago Today I Sold my €260,000 Apartment to invest in Bitcoin…

Not looking for sympathy for me being a dumbass ,just wanted to share, I have not really told anyone about this… As of today my ''investment'' is worth roughly €6300, I moved back in with my parents as I had nowhere to live a few months ago, I do not have the courage to tell them this…

Took me most of my 20ies being frugal to save up that $ . For clarification, I ''invested'' , read -gambled- most of that $ on other coins, not bitcoin as they looked more promising hence loosing more than the average person who only ''invested'' in bitcoin.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

I am sure everyone here at some point wondered why your parents didn’t invest in Apple, or Microsoft or other companies when they were just a dollar or so a share? Ever wonder why your parents didn’t buy some homes or land when it was cheap? Today I got my answer.

I was taking my dad early in the morning to an appointment he had. After he was done we went to breakfast. Out of nowhere I see a bitcoin ATM in the distance. We walked over and I got some, not a lot because it would upset him. He is against bitcoin even though he does not know what it is.

My dad has been buying stocks for 50 years, and never once does he buy into anything early on. He is always coming late to the party, I think most people are like this.

I can give you 100 reasons why you should not buy bitcoin, but those reasons will not be valid in 3 years from now given the rate of innovation and adaptation.

One day my daughter will ask me why I didn't buy more when it was cheap, my answer will be because I didn't have more money to buy, not because I thought its going nowhere.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet