Nvidia CEO maintains that cryptocurrency mining “is not their business”

After noting that cryptocurrency mining represents only a small fraction of NVIDIA's GPU business, CEO Jensen Huang distanced himself from the Bitcoin market, stating, “We're not involved in Bitcoin at all. Bitcoin [mining] is done largely by ASICs today.” Unlike the GPU, which can handle a range of …
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Bitcoin succeeds in part because it has no leader, no “Jesus”, no “messiah”. Bitcoin succeeds largely because it’s face is… us. Please don’t give anyone such a status. It’s Paramount to Bitcoin’s success.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

My favorite aspect of bitcoin transactions is…

Sending BTC with no chance that the information I have provided can be used to defraud me beyond the amount I send.

Whether it's a tiny store on Openbazaar or major retailer, or even a sketchball HYIM site – at most they have my shipping address.

No names, no credit card info, just a quick cut and paste or qr code scan.

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