Just joined the 1 BTC club!

Ever since I became interested in Cryptocurrencies, just before the golden bullrun of 2017, I've had it as a goal to have one single Bitcoin. Seeing that zero before the decimal really annoyed me. I'm a poor student, so I set aside some money that I could miss every once in a while to slowly scrape those partial BTC towards the 1, and today I finally reached it! Feels good, just wanted to share it with y'all. On towards the 10 now!

Since I'm now theoretically a future millionaire, does anyone have some tips on how best to light cigars with 100 sats?

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Is the Netflix Price Hike Just What Disney’s Streaming Service Needs to Win Market Share?

By CCN.com: Last week Netflix announced that it was raising subscription fees by between 13% and 18% for all its plans. While the absolute increase varied between $ 1 and $ 2, nearly a quarter of U.S. subscribers who took part in a Streaming Observer online survey indicated that this fee hike was enough to make them

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Have the regulatory floodgates really just been opened? Wyoming just introduced a bill allowing banks to officially store and handle cryptocurrency UNDER SEC REGULATIONS. Those Banks can act ALL ACROSS THE UNITED STATES.

Being a regular cryptopanic reader I am used to shady, clickbaity or wannabe price-tweaking posts.

When I read "Wyoming drops biggest crypto regulation news ever." as headline I was like: yeah, sure. M00N S00N.

But as it was tagged Cardano, which I like a lot, and Cardano moved to this very Wyoming recently, I figured: why not treat yourself to some decent trash read.

And seriously, having been in crypto for some years, I was thinking: is this it? Is this really it? Can't be.

Long story short: I think it is, actually. It's just hidden in the worst headline in a repost (and overlongest twitter-monologue in original).

My sum up would be:

bill legitimates banks as official crypto storage and handlers. One twist of the wording of the bill is that it also gives crypto the same currency "rights" as fiat currencies in Wyoming. Other twist is that, the way it is put, it allows for the facilities, as they are defined as banks, to act all through United States, not only in Wyoming. It even fixes the lien issue.

Please read for yourself and tell me if I get this wrong. English is not my first language, neither is law my field of expertise.

Twitter-tirade by Caitlin Long (no joke) explaining the whole thing in (very much) detail (30+ consequent Tweets):


News article – more brief than the Twitter-thing – but less detailed on the wider implications:


Let me know what you think.

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Bitcoin Price Not Oversold at $3,000? Analyst Says Bottom is Not In Just Yet

Over the past 24 hours, the valuation of the crypto market has slightly dropped from $ 123 billion to $ 121 billion as the Bitcoin price fell below the $ 3,600 level. Affected by the short-term drop in the price of Bitcoin, some major crypto assets including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin recorded losses in the range of

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I just bought some Bitcoin for my newborn baby

I had the option to put it in a 529 plan, and I probably will from now on, but the initial seed money was put into Bitcoin. 17.5 years later, either I will have a very happy child who will be able to pay for college and get a debt-free education, or we will laugh about how her daddy thought a small seed investment was going to pay for her college :).

I hope Reddit will be around for the next 18 years so I can revisit this post and reminisce about this very day!

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