ICOs Are Keeping More of the Pie to Themselves (news.bitcoin.com)

With diminishing returns, increased demand, and pre-sales muscling out public sales, profiting from ICOs in 2018 is a tall order. Just to add to investors’ woes, the percentage of tokens allocated for public sale is also on the decline. On average, ICOs now keep more of the pie to themselves and dole out increasingly slender pieces to the public.
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Bitcoin up, altcoins down; bitcoin down, altcoins sink. What’s the point of keeping altcoins?

Serious, not being ironic. I am very new to crypto and I think I am a little late at the party.

We watched a crazy altcoins raise in December but I think that was just because people were looking for the "new Bitcoin". Chasing tenfold gains.

Aside from 'i believe in the technology' I think most of us are here for the money.

To me it's a little difficult to understand why holding altcoins. I had them, but yesterday moved everything to btc and I think I'll leave it all there

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