I’ve translated Bitcoin.org into my native language entirely. So happy to do something for the community

After 2 months of work, I managed to translate Bitcoin.org to my native language – Serbian.

I managed to take over the translation which was not actively maintained (last cordinator activity was 4 years ago) and take it from 5-10% and the last activity from 100% in few weeks.

I know it's not a big deal for most, but it is for me.

I know that there were some contraversial things about bitcoin.org lately, and I am sure some people will post some comments, but I am just happy that I am able to give back to the community. Bitcoin.org helped me learn and I hope that the translation will help people who speak or understand Serbian (12 million people).

If you speak Serbian feel free to review it, report mistakes and help me improve it.

Link https://bitcoin.org/sr/

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