Mark Karpeles Open Letter to Coinlab Looks to Settle Lawsuit for $5M (

On May 10 reported on how bitcoin’s price rise is slowly bringing the Mt Gox bankruptcy closer to solvency. The former CEO of Mt Gox Mark Karpeles confirmed that the price was helping, but the Coinlab lawsuit was a significant deterrent. Now Karpeles has written an open letter to Coinlab’s founder Peter Vessenes asking him to settle the lawsuit for five…


Judge Dismisses Canada’s $465 Million Mt. Gox Class Action Lawsuit

A 2014 class action lawsuit by plaintiffs in Canada against defunct bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has been dismissed. The law firm representing Canadian plaintiffs in the class action against Mt. Gox, a now-defunct bitcoin exchange has revealed that the case will be dismissed. The class action lawsuit was originally brought to the Ontario Superior Court […]

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