Highly Educated Young Users are Leading Illicit Dark Web Narcotics Trade (deepd.tw)

The Global Drug Survey and its lead researcher Monica Barratt have found that highly educated young users have been leading illicit dark web narcotics trade over the past year.

According to the findings of the Global Drug Survey, users of dark web that order illicit drugs and narcotics using darknet marketplaces are likely to be male, young and recipients of high level education.
“They are a highly educated group. It’s not necessarily the sort of drugs supply that is accessed by…


Leading Japanese ATM Manufacturer Oki Gets into Bitcoin ATM Business (news.bitcoin.com)

As the number of merchants accepting bitcoin in Japan grows, companies are incorporating the digital currency into their business models in different ways. Japan’s leading printer, info-telecom and ATM manufacturer, Oki Electric Industry Co Ltd, has entered into the Bitcoin ATM business. Their first line of Bitcoin ATMs is launching this month.
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