At the moment, 37.7% of bitcoin transaction are segwit and they are only paying 14% of total fees. Switch to a segwit enabled wallet now and help the network scale while paying less for transactions.

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Bitcoin Lightning Payments Are Slowly Becoming Less Reckless

You're running a full bitcoin node, know Linux and have decent command line skills. Okay? Cool, go ahead and spin up a Docker instance. If that sounds intimidating, you're not alone. But as recently as January, using the lightning network, a layer-two technology for scaling bitcoin, on "mainnet" – ie, with …
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Bitcoin price rise expected, with less than 4 million tokens left to be mined

The fewer Bitcoin there are left to be mined, the harder the mining process becomes. In fact, it's believed that the final Bitcoin will be mined in 2140 − more than a century from now. To put that into context, it's taken just over nine years to mine the first 17 million Bitcoin. This scarcity is widely expected to …
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Bitcoin Mining May Be Even Less Economically Viable Than We Thought

Analysts at Morgan Stanley have added their voices to those warning that mining Bitcoin may no longer be economically viable. The issue is that “mining” cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin involves heavy-duty number-crunching and, therefore, requires costly computers and a lot of electricity. That makes …
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