Let’s be clear … nobody knows “for sure” what the Bitcoin price is going to do in the future. (reddit.com)

So stop asking a group of people you don’t know what the price is going to do: Pre-fork Post-fork Tomorrow An hour from now Or any other point in the future. Do your homework and try and form your own opinion but for the love of God … stop asking strangers what the Bitcoin price will be!!! No-one knows !!!


Let’s be honest: ICOs=cancer

This post is in preparation for all the "X country bans ICOs" that are coming in the next days/weeks/months.

ICOs are cancer because they are not really serving the purpose of "funding new and innovative projects" they are mostly unnecessary tokens sold by people wanting to enrich themselves fast and bought by mainly:

1) naive people 2) people wanting to make a quick buck from naive people

Long term, it is good for Bitcoin to reduce the absurd dilution of the "digital value token" space that ICOs bring to the table without providing anything really innovative or worthwhile.

Now, you're free to upvote/downvote according to your ICO token holdings at this moment in time.


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