Help spread Lightning Adoption by using the LNtipbot. It works great.

The Bitcoin Lighting network has been up and running on mainnet for almost a year. There are over 16000 lightning channels open today. (

Have you tried it?

Some people are too lazy to give it a try. Give them an incentive by sending some bitcoin over the Lightning Network using the lntipbot.

You can find instructions here;

The more people giving tips the more likely someone is to setup a LN wallet and join the network – Either as a way to withdraw or to add to their balance and pass on the favor.

There are over 1 million r/bitcoin subscribers. If only 10% were encouraged to open a lighting channel the network would grow substantially.

These type of micro transactions are the perfect use case for Lighting. [Near] free and instant medium of exchange.

If your interested in setting up a Lightning wallet, but don't have much technical knowledge (like me) try the Bitcoin Lighting App for Android (

This app supports sending and receiving Lighting payments. Receiving requires some spare capacity in a channel.

It would be awesome if we could get this implemented on some other crypto subs to help spread awareness.

thanks u/drmoore718 for the great work.

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