Bitcoiners: make no mistake! Even though it is very likely that BTU is now going the same way as XT and Classiccoin the re-centralization attempts will not stop.

Bitcoin is a revolutionary approach like never seen before in the history of the world. It is even more disruptive than any revolution seen before as it does not depend on weapons and the beheading of kings but offers an exit from the centralized financial world. It is a truly peaceful revolution that does not need guns and bloodshed and that is not aiming at putting someone else on the throne but burning down the throne altogether instead. Decentralization instead of replacing the central power that is.

Any kind of revolution always triggers a counter-revolution. Re-centralization of the network is the counter-revolution to Bitcoin. In an even more sophisticated way than Xtcoin and Classiccoin BTU is aiming to enable re-centralization of mining, nodes and software development. They even wanted to install a “president” of Bitcoin. No kidding! 🙂

With every wave the counter-revolutionary re-centralization movement is getting louder and stronger. This one has been exceptionally smart in attracting big miners / pools to it by telling them that they can outcompete and eat the smaller ones. But with every wave Bitcoin is getting stronger and more resilient as well and it has given us the ultimate tools to fight off these attacks: actual, factual decentralization and immutablity of the ledger. That is what Bitcoin stands for. No compromise on that, sorry!

And these attacks will never stop. So even if BTU goes down the drain now please be aware that the fight for your own freedom will never end. “Compromise” like it has been suggested a lot in the recent days is not anything the re-centralization movement wants. It wants perpetual war and perpetual infighting and it will do anything it can do to achieve that and that means that the next iteration of the counter-revolution is already at your doorstep.

Freedom is never achieved for good. Freedom is something you loose when you go to bed at night and that you will have to fight back again next morning when you get up.

Keep on hodling! Keep on running your own node! And maybe even get that old 330 Megahash USB-miner out of your memorability-drawer and hook it back up to the network just to make a point! 🙂

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PSA: Do not give out bitcoin as a main gift for Christmas. It’s fine as something fun alongside another gift, but if it’s the sole gift you’re likely to give someone a negative experience.

Speaking from personal experience here.

Bitcoin doesn't make a very good gift. I know a lot of us think it's fun or it'll be worth a lot of money, but most people you are giving it to don't share your vision or knowledge of the space.

If you give JUST bitcoin, it's essentially the same as giving away Euros or British Pounds as a gift. It's just money in a harder to use form for the recipient. (Yes, I'm well-aware of the advantages of bitcoin! I've been invested for a long time. However, the average person doesn't want a gift that has to be explained to them.)

It's completely ok to share bitcoin or get paper wallets (it can be the same as a lottery ticket… just for fun!), just don't hand someone $ 50 of a foreign concept to them and expect them to love the gift!

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