List of Legendary Bitcointalk posts

Here is a list of interesting Bitcointalk posts that I would like to update if someone has other cool posts. 🙂

First Post ever from Satoshi himself:

Post from Hal Finny:

Guy who invented Hodling:

Post that caught Ross Ulbricht (DPR) (Founder of Silkroad):

First Time PoS mentioned:

Get 5 Bitcoins for free faucet:

Archive of early Mailing List:

Some weird fact: Hal Finney died in 2014 but the last time someone used his Bitcointalk account was in 2017 🤔 Here is the proof:;u=2436


First purchase for bitcoin–2 pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins –

The famous 'We are the New Wealthy Elite' post –

Thread where a guy was auctioning 10,000 bitcoins for $ 50 but NOBODY wanted to pay that much –


guy who bought 259684 BTC for under $ 3000:

first reported major theft of Bitcoins:

Gavin helping the CIA:

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